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Care Today Fund
A/c Rebuilding Gujarat Fund


Supported steely populace of Gujarat get back its grip on life helping them recover from the impact of the earthquake

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On 26th January, 2001 a massive earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale hit Gujarat. What should have been a relaxing Republic Day holiday turned into macabre spectacle of crumbled buildings and mangled bodies. It wreaked havoc, killing more than 30,000, injuring 5,000 and leaving about half a million homeless, besides crippling its basic infrastructure.

Our efforts

  • Responding quickly to the disaster, Care Today Fund supported 10 members medical team from St. John’s Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore, to provide emergency medical services in the earthquake affected areas. The team led by Dr. T. Venkatesh consisted of nine specialists in orthopedics, pediatrics and anesthetics and a specialist orthopedic nurse. The team worked tirelessly for about 14-18 hours a day, performing up to 32 surgeries. The number of OPD patients varied from 300 to 400 every day. The Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan also supported in setting up roadside clinics at several places in Rapar.
  • In partnership with Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan, Care Today Fund supported the Green Belt project in Bhuj. In a community effort, the Hunnarshala Foundation (a local NGO with expertise in architercture and urban planning), identified a 500 metre-long drain between Mundar and Madvi roads around the rivulets and with the involvement of local residents, other NGOs and the Municipal Corporation the rivulet area was cleaned and converted into a green belt area. Apart from this, a decentralized waste water treatment system (DWATS) was installed to treat 30,000 liters of sewage every day. The recycled water was then used to irrigate trees and plants along the banks of the rivulets. The treatment of sewage was based on gravitational flow and it requires zero maintenance and the plants along the bank do not need any specialist care for its functioning.
  • In partnership with Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan, a coalition of 29 Kutchi non-governmental organizations, Care Today Fund constructed 30 one-room houses for poor families in three villages of Vattachad, Bakhariya and Kamaguna in the remote Kamaguna Juth Panchayat, Kutch district, Gujarat.
  • In partnership with Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan, Care Today Fund constructed 474 houses in Paccham area. Another 58 houses were constructed in village Nani Dadhar, a sleepy village on the edge of the Rann of Kutch that separates India and Pakistan.
  • In partnership with Eklavya Foundation, Care Today Fund set up libraries in two schools in Surendranagar district Gujarat, one in village Aadariyana, Patdi taluka and the other in village Zadiyana.
  • Care Today Fund provided financial support to 30 disadvantaged families in villages of Adhoi, Kanthkot, Nara, Vondh, Vandhiya, Kharoi, Modpar, Vamka, Laliyana, Lakadia, Juna Kataria, Kolivas, Kabrau, Sukhpar and Amardi in Kutch district through a 3 year fixed deposit of Rs 75,000/- that gave them monthly interest of Rs. 600/-.
  • In partnership with Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan, Care Today Fund constructed 46 houses for paraplegics in Talukas of Bhuj (5), Anjar (7), Bhachau (29), Satalpur (1) and Gandhidham (4) in Kutch district.

Photo Gallery

G. Soni in front of his newly constructed house at the RTO, one of the relocation sites in Bhuj
Community meeting with affected families in Vatachad
Mr. Kishor Gor in front of his newly constructed house with the support of Care Today Fund
Ms. Gangaben Gor in front of her newly constructed house for her familys
New house constructed for Mr. Jayprakash Gor and family
New house constructed for Ms. Rukshmaniben Soni and family
New house handed over to Ms. Parvatiben Gor
Newly constructed house for Mr. Dhirajben Soni
Preparatory Meeting with affected community members in Kamaguna

Donation Details

Care Today Fund received a total donation of Rs. 3,62,00,000/-.
We thanks all the donors who have contributed generously towards the effort.