Care Today Fund

Care Today Fund
A/c Lest We Forget


Supported brave disabled soldiers regain their dignity and begin life afresh, undaunted by the overwhelming odds they faced

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Care Today fund was established by the India Today Group with the launch of “Lest We Forget Fund” to support soldiers who suffered during the Kargil conflict in 1999. The extraordinary heroism of soldiers in battle convinced the India Today Group that it had to do more than just be reporters and spectators. This was the first project implemented by Care Today Fund. 10 Kargil heroes and later 28 others affected by the war and anti-terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast were provided support under this project.

Our efforts

  • Support was provided to 38 soldiers who had suffered permanent disabilities while serving the nation during the Kargil conflict. Initial support was provided to procure hi-tech artificial limbs for the soldiers from the Artificial Limb Centre, Pune, Maharashtra and the Military Hospital, Chandi Mandir, Haryana.
  • 38 soldiers were provided a grant of Rs. 3 lacs each in order to acquire assets that rehabilitated their civilian life. The assets included purchase of plots/lands, construction of houses, purchase of tractors to till the ground and hire out for farmers to earn an income, purchase of vehicles to be used as taxis for livelihood, purchase of small shops for grocery/garment business, opening of STD/ISD phone booth, along with photocopying machines, constructed household toilets and installed hand pumps at their own vicinity to stop long trudge for water.

Photo Gallery

Rifleman Ashiq Hussain Khan of 12 J & K Light Infantry was supported to procure an Artificial Limb
Mr. Ashish Gurung from Naga Regiment with Artificial Limb provided by Care Today Fund
Havildar Japendra N. Brahma, supported by Care Today Fund procured a tractor for livelihood
Ex-Havildar Japendra Nath Brahma (second from Left), who lost his right eye, hearing in left ear and had severe splinter on his left leg was provided support to buy a tractor to till his farm land and also use in transporting materials for his livelihood
Ms. Skalzang Youdon of Care Today Fund handover the new tractor key to Rifleman Phool Chand
Lance Naik Rajendra Singh installed a handpump in his village with Care Today Fund support
A tractor from Care Today Fund eased the trauma of resettlement of Lance Naik Rajendra Singh
Sepoy Manish Kumar with the brand new tractor presented to him by Care Today Fund
Suresh Kumar, whose both legs were amputed from the knees, bought a new Kinetic Honda scooter with additional wheels with Care Today Fund support

Donation Details

Care Today Fund received a total donation of Rs.1,21,35,527/-.
We thanks all the donors who have contributed generously towards the effort.