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Reconstructing Lives

As part of an effort to rebuild the spirits of the worst-hit individuals, care today gave widowed Ratiben Govindbhai, a mother of five, an initial grant of Rs 5,000 and set up a fixed deposit of Rs 75,000 for a three-year period that will ensure her a monthly income of Rs 600 for nutritional expenses. Five others have also been given grants of Rs 5,000 and Rs 75,000 each will be deposited in their names. CARE TODAY has set aside Rs 16 lakh to support a total of 20 such cases. The society is partnering the Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan in building 450 houses for Rs 2.16 crore. The construction of the first 150 houses will begin in August. The building of a school at Aadariyana, for which care today contributed Rs 5 lakh to the Eklavya Education Society, is under way and students will begin their classes this term in a completed section. Also, with the return of a large number of paraplegics to their villages after treatment in Mumbai, Pune and other places, there is a need to offer them long-term rehabilitation packages. We are discussing the possibility of such a project with Abhiyan.

Progress Report
Lakshmi Chandra Rastogi
Rs 5,000
Mohammad Ashfaque
Rs 6,697
F. Justin
Rs 5,000
Nirmala Verma
Rs 5,001
Dr Ashish
Rs 5,000
Ram Sarup Garg
Rs 5,100
Ramesh Kumar Yadav
Rs 5,000
"Green Club", a forest officer's club, Lakhimpur
Rs 36,000
NIIT, Dehradun Centres
Rs 7,000
"Fruit Change", TIET, Patiala
Rs 5,021
Sq Leader M.K. Kutti Krishanan (retd)
Rs 5,000
Borouge Petrochemical Project Working
Rs 5,296
A.R.D. Ramachandra Raja
Rs 5,001
Dr R. Sankar
Rs 5,000
Manish Manwani
Rs 5,000
Brigadier A.K. Sehgal
Rs 5,000
Staff, Sandarbha Scinfotech Pvt Ltd
Rs 7,800
B. Lakshmi Kumar Holla
Rs 5,000
C. Chelladorai & Friends
Rs 6,100
Employees, Curagen Cosporatin
Rs 20,844
Michel Bourgain & Friends
Rs 10,422
Suneel Tyagi
Rs 6,948
Harihar Prasad Agarwal
Rs 46.366
Bhagwan Das Agarwal
Rs 5,000
Ian Otto
Rs 5,852
Vanchilabbai Sharfidee Tajdeen
Rs 5,000
Rajesh J. Kulkargi
Rs 10,000
Kannan Sankaran
Rs 10,000
Prabuddha Gupta
Rs 10,010
Suresh Subramanian
Rs 5,000
Bharadwaj Karthik
Rs 5,001
Ragothman Hanumantha Rao
Rs 10,000
Braham Prakash Pandey
Rs 9,400
Prakash Swarup Satsangi
Rs 5,500
Jasvinder Singh
Rs 11,750
Sucha Sudarsanam
Rs 5,000
Murali Mohan Vogety
Rs 6,800
Punit Mahajan
Rs 11,750
Nirmal Jain Kumar Jain
Rs 31,000
Sailaja L.S. Nadella
Rs 11,750
Chetan N. Habbalae
Rs 9,400
Madhusudan Mishra
Rs 10,000
Santosh Govindan Kutty
Rs 5,875
Sreekanth Puvvadi
Rs 11,750
Kamal Karlapalem
Rs 10,300
Jaswant Singh
Rs 10,000
Prabhuvel Kandaswamy
Rs 7,050
Dr Uday Laxman Nagarseker
Rs 5,000
Jyoti Prasad Painuly
Rs 5,001
Employees, Jayem Impex Pvt Ltd
Rs 19,731
Employees, Companies under iGate Capitals
Rs 2,44,026
iGate Capitals
Rs 2,44,026
Ishatvam India Pvt Ltd
Rs 10,000
Rs 5,000
Dainik Samvad Kunj, its readers and employees
Rs 35,777
Federated Department Stores Inc
Rs 1,40,650
Employees, Federated Department Stores
Rs 23,900
Vinita Chhabra, Federated Dept Stores
Rs 5,000
Shrikant J. Bhandri
Rs 11,400
Students and staff, Chinar School
Rs 42,000
Lt-Colonel R.D. Vasisht
Rs 10,000
Pankaj Khelkar
Rs 18,000
Atul Varshneya
Rs 10,000
S. Srinivasa Prasad
Rs 10,000
H.C. Mangla
Rs 5,000
Rs 5,100
Inderjeet Singh
Rs 5,000
Narsaiah N. Changala
Rs 5,500
Thierry Damilano
Rs 40,000
Devendra Kumar Goyel
Rs 5,100
Nityan Gulati
Rs 5,000
Moti Vaswani
Rs 5,000
Rajender Kumar Makhijani
Rs 10,000
Akshay Automobiles
Rs 10,000
Deepak Bhartia
Rs 5,000
Employees, Fujairah Building Industries
Rs 13,270
Mohammad Abdul Baseer and friends
Rs 27,139
Piya and Ritu Khanna
Rs 5,000
Arpita and Paramjit
Rs 40,000
Personnel of 73 COY ASC
Rs 12,965
Rajesh S. Narayanan and friends
Rs 34,200
Nandhini Balasubramaniam
Rs 7,500
Employees, Fujites
Rs 11,500
PC Solutions Pvt Ltd
Rs 34,425
Employees, PC Solutions
Rs 62,525
Employees, Institute of Network Technology India Pvt Ltd
Rs 6,325
Management, staff and students,
St Jude's School, Shahdol
Rs 12,450
Amar Das
Rs 20,008
Employees, Schlumberger Measurement
& Systems India Ltd
Rs 17,309
Ashok Kumar Gupta
Rs 20,000
Dr R. Gopinath and Thankam Menon
Rs 5,000

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